2048 Embedded Edition

2048 is one of the most popular mobile game in the world, so I decided to imagrate this amamzing game to Arduino.

Find at Github

###Image 2048 image

Honestly, I’m pretty bad at this game. Never got a chance to reach 2048 :(


  1. Download the source code
    $ git clone https://github.com/ExiaSR/2048_embedded_edition.git
  2. Or download the zipped file.
  3. Edit the pin setting in config.h, in case you have a different Arduino, or whatever prefer.

###Wiring Instruction Hardware you need:

  1. Arduino board
  2. LCD screen with ST7735 chip
  3. A joystick
  4. A push button
  5. Serval wires

###Compling Builing with a Makefile through the Terminal is recommended, thought you may edit the files by yourself, then use Arduino IDE to compile instead.

###How to play Go ahead push the buttom on the Joystick, then you are good to go! Whenever you think you wanna start over again, just press the left buttom.